making concrete pavers and flagstonesmaking concrete pavers and flagstones

How to Make Concrete Pavers for a Sidewalk, Walkway or Patio

Making pavers for your sidewalk is fun and easy. Pavers are made of concrete and you can make them any size you want. Just remember, the larger they are, the heavier they are.

Most pavers you buy are 4 x 8 inches and 2.25 inches thick. They look nice but why not make them a little larger and get the job done quicker?

Figure out how wide you want your walkway, what design you want to use, and then calculate the best size to make your pavers. You can make them 8 x 16 and have a unique look that’s completed in a jiffy.

Next, buy some bags of sand mix if you aren’t making that many pavers. If you are attempting a large project you will want to buy sand and bags of Portland cement. I recommend you start with a bag of sand mix to get the hang of it.

You’ll need to have wood for forms, screws to hold them together, WD-40 to spray on the wood as a release agent so the concrete doesn’t stick, a plastic container to mix in, a hoe or shovel to mix with, a garden trowel, some heavy plastic and a bandanna or face mask.

Make your forms the size you need. You can use wood from old pallets if you have a way to cut them down. Have a piece of plywood covered with heavy plastic, and then put your forms on this. This makes a nice flat bottom and you can move them around after the forms are filled. Spray the forms with the WD-40 so the concrete won’t stick.

Now you can mix your concrete. Follow the directions on the bag or just mix the sand mix to the consistency between peanut butter and cake batter. If you don’t know what cake batter is like, think of ceiling paint. Add more sand mix or more water until you get it right.

Fill your forms, jiggle them to get the air bubble out, and after the water forms on top and then evaporates, you can chamfer the edges with your trowel. After all the water has evaporated, cover them with plastic overnight.

The pavers can be taken out of their forms the next day. The concrete will harden over the next week or so. Keep them sprinkled with water and use your forms to make the next batch. Once they’re all made, all you have to do is assemble them into the walk you have designed.

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